How To Think About Patience

Zaid K. Dahhaj
4 min readAug 8, 2021

People within the personal development community place too much value on patience. Maybe you have as well, and that hurts your chances of achieving what you desire.

If you’re like most, you confuse patience with complacency — a form of laziness and carelessness mixed with a false expectation that things will magically manifest within your life.

This is a dangerous trap.

It ruthlessly destroys the most crucial components to any successful endeavor:

Curiosity. Enthusiasm. Creativity. Discipline. Momentum. Responsibility.

I don’t deny that you must allow time to do its work, but a shift must come from within. The greatest internal change occurs when you reframe your perspective on work ethic and daily tasks.

A sense of urgency remains King.

I remember watching an interview with Tim Grover, an elite athletic trainer most famously known for helping MJ and Kobe reach their greatest heights in basketball.

He mentioned how he would always instill a sense of urgency, especially with Kobe, because he understands the value of getting shit done.

Looking back on Kobe’s death, the message is loud and clear:

You don’t have fucking time.

And I sit here with the understanding that I must do everything in my power to consciously remember this lesson because it’s easy to lose touch with it.

Ignore people who tell you that life is long.

Even though there’s truth to that statement, it doesn’t help you because it plants the seed of complacency within the mind, especially considering that we always search for the most efficient route.

You can’t merely exist through each day and expect a great outcome.

Fight Entropy.

Every second that passes where you’re unconscious is another where your mind, body, relationships, and business become more chaotic.

It takes an immense amount of work to discipline yourself, but the value of self-control is in its ability to create structure. To create an order as a buffer against disorder.



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