The Minimalist Lifestyle

Zaid K. Dahhaj
3 min readJan 31, 2018

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” (William Morris)

As a society, we are overloaded with information and things. This feeling of being overloaded constantly weighs us down in some form or another so it is, in my opinion, massively important to rid yourself of all the stuff that you don’t need.

I personally practice the art of minimalism in my own life. Here are some simple ways that you can to do this too:

  1. Clean your room — Your room and other spaces are an externalization of what your mentality is like. If you have a messy and unorganized room then you will most likely have a messy and unorganized mentality which translates into a messy and unorganized life and vice versa. Start by organizing your room in a way that makes it useful and beautiful. The combination of utility and beauty is important. Designate things to specific areas and throw out what is not necessary or hasn’t been used for a while.
  2. Throw out or sell junk — Anything that is just sitting around and not being used or having the purpose of making the place look beautiful is considered junk. I personally like to sell things to make a few extra dollars but it’s also extremely satisfying to throw away stuff that isn’t being used.

“I’ve found that the less stuff I own, the less my stuff owns me.” (Nathan W. Morris)

Why do this?

This is important because once you get rid of the clutter around you that subconsciously bogs you down, you end up creating an environment that allows you to be relaxed and allows you to open up to other things. It’s a mental game when it comes to the art of minimalism.

Your environment directly affects your mentality and your mentality directly affects your results in life.

Once you begin to organize your external environment then you also begin to take steps to organize your internal environment and that is where all the power lies.

How can we start?

I suggest that, as with anything, you start small. It can be as simple as cleaning up your car and making sure that you keep it clean until it becomes a habit.

Zaid K. Dahhaj

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